Inn at Wolftever Facility Highlights


  • Outdoor play area with over 5,000 square feet of artificial turf
  • Inground saltwater swimming pool for warm weather play
  • Above ground 8 ft. fencing around all outdoor play areas
  • Indoor tv room for afternoon naps
  • Redundant double doors for additional security
  • Ceiling fans and outside vents in boarding rooms for fresh air circulation
  • Self-filling water bowls to assure your pet always has fresh water
  • Televisions in every boarding room for a home-like atmosphere
  • Multiple boarding rooms w/optional access to the outdoors.
  • All boarding rooms are enclosed with floor-to-ceiling walls for noise and stress reduction.
  • Webcams in boarding rooms to provide clients view-access to their pets
  • Note: Grooming Services require a separate appointment. See Grooming