Halloween for the Fur Family

Halloween for the Fur Family

How to Keep Your Fur Babies Safe and Happy on October 31st

By Dr. Jess Kleiner

If you plan on taking your dog(s) trick-or-treating it is best to wait until everyone is home to eat or trade any candy. Dogs can get as excited as we are during the events and might steal a taste from a little one’s hands. Many ingredients in candy such as chocolate and xylitol and high fat and high sugar foods can make dogs very sick quickly. Toys that contain batteries or glow sticks can also be troublesome if chewed. Bring a bag of appropriate dog treats with you and they can have a treat at every door too!

LED collars with current ID tags are perfect when walking outside after dark. Many distractions and exciting new things to investigate can lead to losing a pet. LED collars keep your pet extra visible and current ID tags are the fastest way to make sure everyone makes it home safe. Microchipping is also recommended just in case they lose their collar.

Practice with the dog’s costume to make sure he is comfortable before the big night! Some dogs really enjoy getting dressed up, but others do not tolerate it well. Before the big night out, put your pet’s costume on and make sure that he’s comfortable wearing it for as long as you will be out that night to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions. He will also feel a lot better when he knows everything fits well too!

Keep shy and fearful dogs at home. We always love to include our fur babies in everything we do, but in some cases, it’s best to let them sit this one out. Halloween is often a night for unpredictable pranks and some dogs will just enjoy the safety of home more. Loud noises, sudden movements, and encountering odd costumes and masks often make shy dogs run for the hills. Set up a safe place at home for him to cuddle down for the night away from all the freights.

Another option is to all stay home and let the fun come to you! Have fun while trick-or-treaters visit your home! Set up a baby gate at the front door to keep the small ones from darting out into the street. Keep a small bowl of treats and let the kids toss a treat to your pups. Find a fun Halloween tract and let them howl along too!