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Wolftever Pet Wellness Group

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Wolftever Pet Wellness Group
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Our Story

Wolftever Pet Hospital was founded by Dr. Jimmy L. Stanford and his son, Lyle Stanford, in 1999 with the goal of comprehensive and compassionate care for pets in the greater Chattanooga area.

Dr. Stanford is an award-winning veterinarian who specialized in innovative surgery techniques and was the founding partner of Ashland Terrace Animal Hospital, Middle Valley Animal Hospital, Red Bank Animal Hospital, and South Rhea Animal Hospital. Dr. Stanford is currently retired after practicing veterinary medicine for 38 years.

In addition to the original Pet Hospital on Highway 58, Wolftever Pet Wellness Group (WPWG) now includes the Inn at Wolftever and a new Pet Hospital in East Hamilton. WPWG is currently a partnership of Wolftever Pet Hospital founder Lyle Stanford, veterinarian Dr. Aaron Robertson, and hospital administrator Josh Humphries.  

All WPWG locations are in Hamilton County and each share the original vision of compassionate and excellent care for pets in the Chattanooga area.